Requirements for the content of the article

The scientific article submitted to the journal should have the following structure

* Abstract should have the following structure

  • The subject or purpose of the work.
  • Method or Methodology of the work.
  • Results of work.
  • Scope of the results.
  • Conclusion.


The article should have the following structure.


  • Introduction.
  • Research methods (the main informative part of the work, including analytics, with the help of which the corresponding results were obtained).
  • Results.
  • Conclusion
  • List of references

Requirements for the design of a bibliography are in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission and Scopus.

The list of references is submitted in Russian and in the Roman (Latin) alphabet (References in Romanscript).

References should contain at least 15 sources. It is recommended to provide links to publications in foreign periodicals.

References to textbooks, teaching aids and abstracts of dissertations are not allowed.

The age of references to Russian periodicals should not exceed 3-5 years. References to old sources should be logically based.

References to dissertations (inaccessible sources) are not recommended. Instead of references to dissertations, it is recommended to provide links to articles published as a result of dissertation work in periodicals. The Roman alphabet provides a translation of the title of the dissertation.

References to the regulatory documentation should preferably be included in the text of the article or included in footnotes.

The titles of the journals must be transliterated, and the titles of the articles translated.

In the reference to patents in the Roman alphabet the name should be transliterated and translated (in square brackets).